Alan Vincenzi

Alan Vincenzi

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First Name * Alan
Last Name * Vincenzi
Username * Vincenzi
Country * USA
City San Francisco
Nationality USA
Languages EnglishItalianSpanish


Current Position Freelance
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGraphic DesignSculptureWeb Design
Preferred Tools o3D Modeling and TexturingoGraphic and Web DesignAutodesk Maya and MEL ScriptingPixologic ZBrushAdobe CS3: PhotoshopIllustratorInDesignFlashAfter EffectsDreamweaverCSS and HTML


Availability: student


I graduated from the Art Institute of California in San Francisco in December of 2008. I majored in Game Art and Design studying 3D editing programs and specializing in 3D modeling as well as design and layout which includes user interface design, graphic design and web design.

As digital artist I enjoy organic modeling, and when not working on characters I like to sculpt anatomical studies both in oil based clay and digitally, as well, using ZBrush. Human anatomy is one of my passions and is something I will always study not only because of its depth but also because I enjoy it.I'm also fond of design and layout. Most of the freelancing work I do consists of posters, business cards, and websites. Designing interface, form and layout is intuitive and fun for me, since I like my designs being put to good use.

3D modelling and graphic design complement each other and together satisfy my artistic needs as a digital artist. Successful 3D models tend to draw attention while a good interface design or web layout should go unnoticed and be unobtrusive. They each require different set of skills, while character modelling relies heavily on anatomy, for example, interface design requires good knowledge of the design principles.

Aside from the tangent I just went off on, I think digital art is a new medium of art just as photography was in the late 19th century or film in the early 20th century, which is why I decided to major in a 3D related major. During high shool I excelled in technical subjects like math and physics but decided to pursue something more creative. Digital art is a smooth blend between creativity and technicality, both of which enjoy and benefit from. I plan on growing as an artist as the industry grows technologically and artistically as well.